Ecava started in 2005 with the mission to bring web technologies to industrial automation by building a new web based SCADA from the ground up. Formed by three engineers with extensive experience in automation engineering and development, Ecava IntegraXor (Ecava IGX) was created – a web SCADA solution that helps engineers and system integrators to easily build, manage and control machines remotely.

In 2010, Ecava presented a white paper on the usage of web technologies and scaleable vector graphics (SVG) at the SVG Open in Paris. Ecava also holds two U.S. patents under its Ecava IGX product since 2012. Engineers and system integrators alike value Ecava IGX for being the leanest and fastest system in transmitting heavy industrial control data through a latency network. This is achieved through its adoption of pure web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 for real-time graphic visualization and remote automation control. Its versatility allows for borderless control through any web browser with and is accessible with any PC as well as Apple and Android smart devices.